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Dupont Zodiaq® Quartz Surfaces

Zodiaq® Quartz was one of the first quartz surfaces on the market, in 2000. Engineered with pure quartz crystals, quartz countertops from DuPont™  Zodiaq® let you bring the best of both worlds – nature and science — to your kitchen, bath and throughout your home.


Zodiaq® surfaces also come with the protection of a 10-year transferable residential limited warranty, backed by a company with a legacy of over 200 years.

Why Zodiaq® For Your Home

What Is The Advantage Of Zodiaq?

Zodiaq countertops are strong, because of the quartz, and nonporous because of the polymer resin. They are very difficult to scratch or damage with ordinary use, because pure quartz has a rating of seven on the hardness scale. As Zodiaq quartz surface are almost entirely quartz, the only substances harder than it are diamonds, topaz, and sapphires. Fortunately, quartz is much more common than these three precious stones, so they cost a lot less. Otherwise, only the very rich could afford a Zodiaq countertop. As it is, Zodiaq countertops are available to many homeowners who want something that will not scratch or stain easily from spilled liquids or food.
Because it is non-porous, keeping a Zodiaq countertop clean is much simpler than with other types of countertop materials. It only takes a regular wipe down with a clean, damp cloth and the occasional once-over with mild soap ad warm water will keep the surface in pristine condition. Zodiaq quartz surfaces will never a sealant or wax to preserve the integrity of the surface.
Aside from being a low-emission material, Zodiaq quartz surfaces also promote safety and hygiene. As it is made of non-porous materials, all Zodiaq countertops are designed to inhibit the adherence and growth of bacteria, molds and mildew. This is the reason why it is often used in hospitals.

What Is The Disadvantage of Zodiaq?

It should be noted that while Zodiaq countertops are extremely durable and resilient, it is not invulnerable. Extreme heat, heavy weight, unusual stresses, and sudden impact can damage the surface. Prolonged contact with a hot object such as skillet should not be placed directly on the countertop. It is also advisable to use a cutting board instead of the countertop to cut meat or vegetables with a knife, which may damage the table.

Bleach, ink, and permanent markers are alkaline based, and may cause the surface to lose its color and shine. Other chemicals to avoid are strong solvents, furniture strippers, and paint removers. Wash the exposed area with water as soon as possible.